Pairing Pets
With Perfect Homes

Pet adoption app designed to bring pet owners and adopters together.

Adopt or find a new home
for your pet with ease



Providing a simple and effortless pet adoption process.



Building trust with user verification.



Reducing shelter counts through home-to-home adoptions.

Providing a smoother journey to
a forever home

We've reimagined the traditional adoption process to make finding your furry friend effortless. Just a few taps on our platform let you browse adoptable pets and connect with owners for a meet-and-greet.

Our app provides a safe way to connect with loving adopters. Relax, knowing your pet will find the perfect new home and be in caring hands.

Download the Benji App

Easily apply to multiple pets with just a single, user-friendly form.

Stay informed with real-time updates on your adoption process.

Connect with trusted, verified members of our community.

Access a free pet adoption agreement to ensure a smooth and formal transition.

Our Mission

We are committed to modernizing pet adoption, making it more accessible and efficient. Our platform aims to be the most trusted online community for pet rehoming, ensuring pets go directly to loving homes and stay out of shelters. We believe every pet deserves a family and every family deserves the joy a pet can bring.

What the humans are saying

"The one-application feature is a game-changer! It saved us so much time and effort, allowing us to apply for several pets we were interested in without the hassle of filling out form after form."


Adopted Rae

"The rehoming process was incredibly straightforward, and we found the perfect match without the need to leave our pet in a shelter. It was a relief to transition our pet directly to a loving home."


Found Charlie a new home

"The free pet adoption agreement was a pleasant surprise. It added an extra layer of confidence to the adoption process, knowing that everything was official and above board."


Rehomed Finn

"Connecting with verified users through the app brought me a great sense of security. It was reassuring to know that every potential adopter was thoroughly checked and reliable."


Adopted Penny